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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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her brain to science. next. ,,,, i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is.
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the prius actually belongs on the table. live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> fists fly, and part of the jail is on lock-down. >> kate, the sheriff just bought cameras, for that jail, with her own money. >> reporter: liz, and ken, talk about timing, we were just here yesterday in the same area where the fight broke out. talking to the sheriff about how valuable the cameras are, so it looks like her $700 investment paid off a maximum security brawl. that's where we installed the cameras. we tonight have cameras in the other housing areas. so this is, it's interesting that it happened here. >> reporter: last night, we showed you 12 high def cameras
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being installed in the santa clara main jail. it captured a jailhouse fight, forcing the jail to go on lock down. a closer look at what happened, you see this inmate, sitting on the chair, jump up and start attacking another inmate in an orange shirt. >> you can see a lot of fistfighting going on, and the inmates are spread pretty much throughout the pod. >> reporter: then several ours join, some fall to the ground. >> it just shows how important cameras are. >> reporter: the laurie smith said no weapons were used the fight, hazmat crews were called to clean up the pepper spray. the sheriff bought the cameras at a santa clara cosco yesterday with her own credit card. tonight, investigators working to figure out why the fight broke out, and this time, they have help. >> we've got video evidence, so we'll be able to make the
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determinations. >> reporter: we have a statement from the acting president of the santa clara correctional peace officers association. the installation of cameras is part of a comprehensive commitment which we share with the department, and the blue ribbon commission to fix the systemic problems in our system. the area where the fight protect out is still on lock down. at this point in the investigation, they believe the fight was racially motivated. reporting live, kpix5. >> three guards will be tried for the murder of an inmate, charged charged with beating michael tyree to detective, and accused of assaulting another mentally ill inmate who testified that he would have died had he resisted. a live look in san francisco, this is the calm before a new storm, it will be the exact opposite, wet and windy coming up over the weekend, radar is dry, had
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showers in the south bay as recently at 7:30. they've moved out, but things will change considerably, and quickly over the weekend. lots of snow in the high elevations of the sierra, snow pack is down to 82%. that number will go up. heavy snow is likely above 7000 feet, up to 36 inches of new snow. did get rain overnight, wind are more than a quarter of an inch, gilroy, .1 and less in san francisco, and oakland. watch futurecast. scattered showers tomorrow morning, scattered showers tomorrow afternoon, gets little bit more widespread saturday morning, now watch this. this is dinner time on saturday. that's a mess! everywhere throughout the bay area, with steady rainfall, and wind gusts to 40 miles per hour. we'll talk how much rain each town can expect, and when dryer weather will move in. >> paul, thank you. this just in, a 97-year-old burrell game woman fighting -- burlingame woman fighting to stay in her home has passed
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away. this news came out less than an hour ago. >> reporter: liz, in the last days her life, marie hatch was face of eviction. february, she was given a 60 day notice to vacate the home she's lived in since 1950. she said she had a verbal agreement with the landlord she could live there until she died. recently, the landlord said the property had to be sold. she and her roommate said there was nowhere for them to go, and they likely become homeless. now marie's lawyer said they will continue the legal battle on behalf of marie's roommate of 63 years. number of bay area zika virus cases is growing. the health department confirmed an infected person in san francisco. that adds to the cases already in alameda county.
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napa county, a spokesperson said all of the cases were contracted outside of the u.s. a young man he hired to take care of a baby is accused of almost suffocating him. the troubling allegations, and the clue that led to the arrest. >> reporter: gonzales's neighboring are in shock. >> my niece and her friends, she's just like a sweet girl. she's not evil at all. >> reporter: the 20 yearly baby-sitter is facing a child abuse charge, and details are emerging about why. february 18, gone gonzales was captured on a nanny camera, trying to calm a boy. she was holding him. marie placed her hands closer to the face, and the sound went from clear to a muffled cry. doe then went limp. >> i'm glad the baby's okay, and in my heart, i can't imagine her doing it to hurt the baby.
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i think she was overwhelmed. >> reporter: terry family has lived next door to the family for a decade. >> i think she was trying to stop him from crying. >> reporter: gonzales advertised her services on then released a statement today. gonzales will appear in court friday. >> it's just sad, the whole thing is sad. >> reporter: chris christin ayers. a car chase in lafayette that ended in a violent crash in walnut creek. a dash cam caught this bmw trying to out run police. the driver lost control, flew over the freeway and slammed into this yoga studio. there was an ambulance crew parked right outside. they were quickly able to private the driver and passenger from the wreckage. they both are in critical
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condition, still unclear why they were running from the police. some apple techies won't have to bus over to silicon valley. the company announced plans today to open a new office in san francisco's so many ma district. up to 500 employees will be working out of the expansion office. 14% of apple silicon valley work force about 25,000 employees, live in san francisco. the new office space is set to open this summer. tonight, turns out san francisco really did cash in on super bowl 50. the city's spent almost $5 million for a super bowl program. like this one, along the but the city racked in more than $8 million in hotel taxes alone. campaign 2016, the republican debate turned into
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another insulting slug fest. it may have hit a new low. >> reporter: you're right about that. the candidates picked up where they left off with fresh insults and a crude sexual reference. >> don't worry about it, little marco, i will. >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> marco rubio was asked why he got negative in recent weeks. >> if anyone deserves to be attacked like that, it's donald trump. >> he referred to my hand being small that something else must small, i guarantee, it's okay. >> there was trash talk, people referencing the size of theirs. it was a level i don't think -- of therepee -- he has written checks to hillary clinton ten
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times, the last person that hillary clinton wants to face is donald trump. >> reporter: not only did trump feel attacks from inside the fox theater, but out size, protestors -- but outside, protestors chanted dump trump. >> he's no good. >> this is clean under than trump. it's not vulgar like mr. trump. >> reporter: what we find, every time the stage gets smaller, the fights ratchet up another level, so tonight, we saw, i think that's why we saw the highest level so far. >> people say everywhere i go, you seem to be the adult on the stage. >> reporter: now, in spite of all this on stage fighting, they said they would support trump if he does become the nominee. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. a biker taunts bay area police, the police officer's
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reluctance to chase him. we hear from the mayor tonight. >> after a high school wrestling match, a senior got this on his face. the medical mystery is solved. >> soccer superstar tells us why she's going to donate her brain ,,,,,,,,,,
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media. we uncovered some video of that - and tonight, media. we uncovered some we uncovered some video, and investigators are examining it. how the mayor plans to stop the
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bed and reckless acts. >> reporter: a group of bikers speeding down oakland streets with a police officer in hot pursuit. the biker recording the chase, laughs and taunting the pursuing officer. someone posted several individualest on instagram earlier this videos on -- videos on in star grams. the motorcyclist got away. >> whether they are causing an officer -- they're taunting somebody else, this brings a table to the community, and that's -- danger to the community. >> reporter: the police say they have to weigh public safety when it comes to chasing someone over a traffic violation. they say officers have to back off to prevent the bikers from crashing into innocent pedestrians. >> be for -- be more aggressive?
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yeah, we will when we can. >> reporter: police have a clear shot of the biker's face. they will issue a warrant to tow his dirt bike. it shows other ride curse doing dangerous stunts on oakland freeways. >> i've barometric pressure very clear and consistent in -- i've been very clear and consistent, it's disappointing to see this video. >> reporter: the mayor said the officers did the right thing. oakland police point out this is a regional program. a kpix investigation shows a ditch bike crew doing stunt in san francisco. it was led by a marin county detective who has since been fired. a driver who was trying to avoid 30 or so beak -- bikers hit my card. nobody was hurt in that case. >> so far, oakland police
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haven't arrested anyone seen in the recent videos. but they say the footage is a great help to their investigation. in chicago, a judge told serial stowaway, if he shows up at an airport, one more time, she's going to jail. police arrested her last month at o'hare. the 64-year-old has a history of trying to sneak on to planes. once she succeeded in san jose. the judge in chicago sentenced hartman to 6 months at a mental health facility. tests reveal elevated leveled the lead in the water at another school in sonoma county. this at heels burger junior high. the school shut off the drinking fop continues as a precaution. the district tested the water after earlier tests showed elevated lead levels last fall, but recent tests revealed the water there is fine. a bay area high school wrestler says he contracted a
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highly contagious virus known as as mat herpes in a tournament. >> i wrestled three times, won all three. >> reporter: blake logan was heading to the state wrestling tournament before the symptoms of a mysterious illness, including swole weapon glands and dozens of sores that spread, cut his wrestling career short. >> i found herpes, it's a, i'm learning it's fairly prevalent in wrestlers. >> reporter: he believes he contracted the disease which is caused by the same virus responsible for cold sores, in a wrestling tournament in late february. family fears he may have up knowingly spread it to others in the week after the tournament and of he received a definitive diagnosis. >> this disease is not curable, he will have it for the rest of his life, it's heart breaking.
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unfortunately, my wife and i have done a lot of crying. >> reporter: the tournament will go on as planned, and said "we are confident our apparatus along with the -- our apparatus, apparatus -- practices >> heart breaking, you know? it's unnecessary for anyone to get this. they could take the precautions necessary to stop it, and make the likelihood that someone gets this low. from wrestling to soccer, a superstar athlete from the bay area may be retired, but that doesn't mean she's done giving back to sports. tonight, andria borba explains why she is donating her plane. >> reporter: she inspired a generation of woman.
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she made -- generation of women. she made strides today. the image that will dee fine brandy chastain forever. brandy, a coach and mom, wants her legacy to be more than a photo and her parts break. >> even though -- sports bra. >> i feel like my contribution could be more, and then longer-lasting. >> reporter: she is among a handful of women to promise to donate her brain upon death for study. and 7 female bankruptcy have been studied so far -- brains have been studied so far. >> there's just not enough information we can look to. >> reporter: cte, as it's known, has been considered the domain of football players. junior seau donated his plane, and was found to have cte. but has been found in male soccer players, and she had at
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least two concussions at saint claire -- santa clara, and sub concussion hits. >> i've punted from a goalkeeper's foot that is like 3, 4 stories high, and it's like, here it comes. i've done the, what we used to call had my bell running, or seen stars -- rung, or seen stars. >> she says the decision to donate was an easy one. >> i'm not going to need it. at that time! andria borba, kpix5. see the kid getting ready for the gail, but this weekend may be -- games, but this weekend may be rained out? >> there are going to be a lot of e-mails going object. rain out saturday? probably. sunday? almost a guarantee, but we need the water. we're adding a lot of water to
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shasta lake. 35% full, just a month and a half ago, now 61% full. we have a long way to go to get it back to 100%, but we'll add more water this weekend than we have for the past month and a half. not raining here tonight, light rain tomorrow evening, wind will really pick up when you wake up saturday morning, even before the rain get here, winds gusting 30-40 miles an hour before lunch time on saturday, and heavy rainfall on saturday evening, likely to be a washout. san jose, 61, santa rosa, 56, 50s on the floor night tonight, free -- overnight font, and liver -- livermore, 25. storm were blocked by a ridge of high pressure. we have a lot of moisture moving in anergiesed jetstream. where is the storm track?
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it's red. the fastest movement right into northern california. exactly like we like it, but we may not want this. we may be watching for trees down as the wounds will be howling -- winds will be howling. you could see some wind gusts in excess of 40, as the heavy rain moves through saturday afternoon. how much rainfall? good rain totals here considering we average 3.5 for the entire month of march. this is what we'll get over the weekend, napa, almost 3 inches, san jose, almost 3 inches, redwood city, santa cruz, even more than that. lot of rain, lot of wind. not tomorrow, but the weekend. late rain tomorrow away, heavy stuff will move through saturday with a second front moving through. more rain, more wind, coming up on sunday. 60s again tomorrow, fremont, 6, san francisco, napa vallejo, upper 60s.
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saturday morning, it's windy. saturday evening, sloppy outside. sunday, more rain, and good netflix weekend, watch a movie, read a book. we'll dry our money afternoon, tuesday and wednesday, wet. so we're kind of getting it in bunches. as long as we get the rain, that's a good thing. >> you just inspired me i want to watch movies this weekend. >> perfect! tonight, why a bay area city spent almost half a million bucks for this tarantula. a massive tarantula is craw outside of a morgan ,,,,,,,,
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a massive tarantula is crawling out of a garage. >> the artwork made its debut this morning this is made from of vintage style headlights. the art will be a permanent
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fixture. in warriors/thunder rematch. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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last time a nba team won 44 straight games, at home, was 1996, it was the year the first nip phone went on sale, and bull bell -- bill belichick was fired by the browns. golden warriors, it's been raining wins. look there, livingston, automatic, of course, warriors up 4. mo with 10. steph curry running the pick, 106-97 lead, then under a minute left -- they tie the all-time nba record, 44 straight at home, they'll play against orlando monday. arizona, hosting 25-cal. two minutes to go, bears up 6. the steal, the other way for the
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lay-in. cal 61-53. game over, right? but then, 20 seconds left, 61-59 bears, wildcats, oh! arizona finishes the game on 11-0 -- they stunned cal eliminating them from winning the pac-12 title. ron burgundy, late first half. sun devils with the steal. blake up top, to goodman for the alley-oop to give asu a 15 point lead. cardinals fall 8-9. sharks looking for the 23rd 23rd road win in vancouver, san jose trailed 2-0 early, now tied add 2, and patrick march low, turns on the lamp, and the sharks win 3-2. they stay 4 point points out of first place in the pacific, you
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know what would be interesting? >> only difference, prince doesn't go to their games. >> not yet! >> barry manilowdoes. ,,,, nissan leaf... what will you do? ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world.
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